Understanding Nursing Negligence | Malpractice Lawyers Buffalo NY

Medical malpractice cases have become almost commonplace as people seek compensation for poor medical care.  Most of us picture medical malpractice claims originating due to the negligence of a doctor during a procedure or in prescribing medication.  However, the effects of nursing negligence can be just as severe and often fly under the radar. It’s […]


Hospital Acquired Infections | Medical Malpractice Buffalo NY

People go to hospitals and other medical institutions to improve their health.  Unfortunately, any medical procedures or hospital stays bear with them inherent risks; not the least of which is the possibility of infection.  More commonly referred to as HAIs, Healthcare-Associated Infections are one of the most serious problems facing the medical industry today. Are […]


Are You Familiar With Loss of Chance Doctrine? | Medical Malpractice Buffalo NY

People who work in the medical profession shoulder a lot of responsibility.  Doctors are intimately involved with the well being of so many lives and their decisions can have far reaching consequences.  Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes are made that irreversibly change the course of an individual’s future. When this happens it can lead to a medical […]


On the Table: Medical Malpractice related to Surgical Errors

Navigating the implications, let alone tangible occurrences of surgical errors that could warrant a medical malpractice case, can be a complex underpinning, requiring knowledge and experience to piece together proper and accurate investigations.  As we’ve already discussed in previous entries, a case may be applicable when a patient’s treatment falls below the standard of care, [...]


Nurse Fatigue a Problem in Hospitals | Medical Malpractice Buffalo NY

Hospitals exist to help people with injuries and illnesses.  However, the reality is that going to a hospital comes with certain health risks as well.  In most cases, doctors and nurses do have the patient’s best interest in mind, but that doesn’t always prevent costly mistakes from slipping through the cracks.  Sometimes, certain mistakes may […]

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